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Advanced Fiber Technologies, Inc. provides a wide range of services such as complete site development construction and construction management. We work on site with engineers and Project Managers to find the most cost effective solution and the most time efficient repair. AFT INC completes all projects "in house," meaning AFT INC completes each project with our own employees and a large inventory of company owned heavy equipment, allowing us to not be at the mercy of subcontractors.

Our underground crews are currently utilizing the latest equipment for placing all underground infrastructures. and are currently installing utilities into private property, City/State ROWS and within dedicated easements throughout the tri-state area.

Our capabilities include installing new and maintaining existing infrastructures. Whether you have an existing system in place or you are in need of an emergency repair, we can schedule our crews to fit your company's needs.

Horizontal Directional Drilling

Advanced Fiber Technologies, Inc. now offers (HDD) Horizontal Directional Drilling.

Advanced Fiber Technologies, Inc. Now has the knowledge and ability in house to offer (HDD) Horizontal Directional Drilling as a service to our customers. HDD technology allows us to tunnel conduits and pipes under roadways, waterways and under other obstacles that cannot be disturbed. HDD eliminates the need for open trench method for installation. HDD can install single or bundles of conduits ranging from 2" to 18" in diameter. This technology has proven to be safe and cost-effective way to install underground facilities. Existing Utilities can be exposed for safe HDD by using our V5000LE Vacuum unit. We can develop plans to meet specific project requirements.

We provide reasonably priced, high-quality services to fit your ever growing needs:

• Our Client's best interest is always our #1 priority.
• Job performance is 100% and we will "go the extra mile" for our customers at all times.
• Work is performed in a professional and cost effective manner, guaranteed.
• We offer testing and documentation for all fiber projects.
• Our trained technicians are highly motivated, willing and able to satisfy all requirements twenty four hours a day, seven days a week.


Advanced Fiber Technologies, Inc. aerial crews are among the best in the line services business. All aerial construction crews are thoroughly trained in all areas of aerial construction such as lashing, guying, self-supporting aerial cable and innerduct. Advanced Fiber Technologies utilizes no subcontractors whatsoever, ensuring your aerial network infrastructure is being constructed by competent professionals.

Fiber Splicing

Splicing and Testing Services Provided:

• Single Mode & Multi Mode Splicing and mass-fusion.
• Power Meter Testing
• OTDR (CMA-4000) Bi-Directional Testing
• Active System "Hot Cut" Splicing
• Installation of Fiber raceways and Panduit systems
• Installation of Various OSP enclosures
• Coyote
• Siecor
• 3M( 2178LS, PSI)
• Keptel
• Windsor
• Raychem
• Aerial Splicing
• Transition Splicing
• Manhole or Direct Buried Splicing
• Copper Splicing and Testing
• CO, POP, Head-End, LDT and Hub-Fiber/Termination
• Direct Termination
• Installation of all MIC panels, OCEF Cabinets, and Patch Panel Construction
• Troubleshoot and repair existing networks
• Reel Testing
• Emergency response 24/7 365 days a year