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Our goal is to Provide value to our Customers through Quality Workmanship & Timely Performance by operating in a professionally managed, fast growth environment.

Advanced Fiber Technologies currently utilizes only state of the art equipment that different job requirements may, and will, require. Our technicians are constantly under going training on the latest technologies that are hitting the market. We offer a list of services that are sure to accommodate all phases of your project from start to finish. In today's fast growing telecommunications field, Advanced Fiber Technologies has the knowledge, talent, and equipment necessary to turn business opportunities into business success.

Safety is #1

Advanced Fiber Technologies, Inc. believes that no job or task is more important than worker health and safety. We achieve this goal by providing a safe work environment with cutting edge safety training technology. We conduct weekly safety meetings and jobsite inspections to ensure employee safety. We believe that by empowering our employees with personal responsibility for their safety, along with providing them with needed training we achieve a safety conscious culture that makes us one of the industry leaders with our record for safety.